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Our quality customer services include the following:


It is the policy of Drake Manufacturing to install machine tools within one week of requested installation. The installation date will be scheduled in advance, so that the customer can have appropriate personnel and equipment available. Should a problem arise that will affect installation, the customer is notified as soon as possible, so that adjustments may be made as required.

Drake technicians provide thorough training for operation and maintenance of the machine tool at no additional charge. The training includes a review of the machine-specific Operator's and Maintenance manuals, which are given to the customer. The Operator's Manual can later be used as a training guide for replacement operators. Preliminary training is conducted during initial customer run-off, in the Drake plant. Additional hands-on training is conducted post-installation, at the customer facility. Drake engineers and technicians determine the process required to produce desired results, and teach the customer's staff not only how to use the machine, but how to set the process-specific variables and menu selections.


Drake Manufacturing provides operating and maintenance manuals for every machine tool. These documents are customized to reflect the hardware and software specific to the particular machine. In addition, documents provided by various vendors of purchased components are also given to the customer. The manuals are made available, at least in preliminary form, to the customer during initial run-off. If information is requested for use before run-off, Drake Manufacturing will supply a prototype document. Documentation updates are distributed as necessary. When requested, manuals will be provided in electronic format. Foreign language documentation is available for an extra charge, and must be requested on the purchase order.


Warranty Assurance Service
Every Drake machine tool is sold with at least a one-year warranty. An extended warranty option is available. Approximately one year after the machine is installed, as part of the original warranty, Drake technicians perform our exclusive Warranty Assurance Service. Whenever possible, the original Machine Tool Builder performs this service. Critical areas are disassembled and the total machine is inspected. Any parts found to be defective are replaced by Drake Manufacturing at no charge. Additionally, the Warranty Assurance Service affords an opportunity for Drake technicians to learn how parts of the machine have responded to use.

This valuable information is incorporated into future designs as part of our continuous improvement effort.


Physical/On-Site Response
When customer issues cannot be resolved over the telephone, Drake technicians provide on-site service within 24 hours plus travel time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). This response time covers warranty service, paid service and machine down service.


Replacement Parts Delivery
Although we strive for the highest possible quality, there are times when machines require repair or additional parts. In these circumstances, Drake Manufacturing will procure parts and ship them to the customer via the fastest possible way. Parts needed to repair a breakdown are shipped within 24 hours whenever possible. Our goals are to ship parts required for stock replacement within one week, and to ship replacement parts for an obsolete model within four weeks.


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