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CNC contour diamond roll dressing.
CNC contour diamond roll dressing is the one way that thread grinding can be fully automated. A precision diamond roll can be used to create the exact thread-form profile on the abrasive wheel, using a continuous path movement and holding tolerances in the tens of millionths. Automatic dressing assures that the wheel is properly shaped and sharpened at all times. Frequency of dressing depends on such factors as the surface finish needed, wheel type and removal rate.

Drake CNC Dressing: GS:TE
CNC contour diamond roll dressing is standard on
the Drake machines indicated in the chart below.

Another feature of diamond-roll dressing is that the ratio of the speeds of the diamond roll and wheel can be adjusted to optimize performance. For example, increasing the feed rate will make the wheel more aggressive, while reducing it will allow the wheel to generate a finer finish on the workpiece.


Grinding precision thread forms on the OD
of a workpiece is a classic application
of the CNC thread grinding concept.
The diamond roll dresser can be seen
in the foreground.

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